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NZ’s horrible animal abuse record – we won’t forget

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For a country with so many pets, working and farm animals and a reputation for being clean and green, our treatment, or mistreatment of animals does not meet expectations.

Over 6500 animal abuse cases are reported every year. The SPCA release a list of shame each year containing examples of the worst of the worst. Unfortunately they don’t name them even though they have been convicted without name suppression. As a nation we should be ashamed of this record.

One website is not allowing convicted animal abusers to be lost over time. Have a look at and visit Petvocate on Facebookanimal abuse


The SPCA lists of shame are below, just click to visit.

WARNING some people may find the contents of the lists of shame upsetting.

SPCA’s List of Shame 2018

SPCA’s List of Shame 2017

SPCA’s List of Shame 2016


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