Guidelines for interacting with guide dogs


Guidelines for interacting with guide dogs

Guide dogs are usually working when we see them out and about. It is very important to abide by a few simple guidelines to keep the handler safe and the dog focused on the job at hand.

Guide dogs are friendly by nature; your help is required to maintain their good manners.
Please do not interact with a guide dog unless the dogs’ handler gives permission.
No interaction includes:
avoid eye contact with the dog
don’t talk to the dog
don’t feed the dog.

If the dog attempts to interact with you, please ignore it, move away if necessary, or turn your back on the dog.

These guidelines are for the safety of the guide dog handler. If a guide dog gets distracted or excited by people then it can be a safety
risk and may have to be withdrawn from guiding work.

If the handler does give permission for you to interact with the guide dog, please ensure you maintain a calm voice and gentle
handling. The aim is not to excite the dog too much in a workplace or public place. Guide dogs get plenty of time to play and have fun
when off duty. But when in a workplace we must ensure appropriate behaviour is maintained.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Blind Foundation Guide Dogs (09 269 0400) or talk to the guide dog handler

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