Pet Kelp Bone & Joint 227g


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Pet Kelp is a seaweed-based nutrition booster for dogs and cats. Designed to be added to a good food, our powdered seaweed formulas provide both the extra minerals and vitamins that they need to complete their nutritional needs.

Pet Kelp All Natural Joint and Bone Formula provides a full dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin for improved mobility. This product contains as much Glucosamine (1440 mg/ serving) and Chondroitin (576 mg/ serving) as other available single purpose joint and bone products but Pet Kelp also contains a complete panel of mineral and vitamins from kelp. With Pet Kelp Joint and Bone Formula for Dogs and Cats, your pet will enjoy optimal mobility and overall health from this dual functioning supplement.

•For a dog or cat under 10 lbs. one package will last approx. 9 months.
•For a dog of average size (40 lbs.) one package will last approx. 2 1/2 months.
•For a large dog over 90 lbs. one package will last approx. 1 month