How long is a session?

Each session is 30 swimming Most dogs swim for around 5 minutes at the most on the first session, increasing as they become accustomed to the pool and their fitness increases.

How does the dog get into the pool?

Your dog walks up a ramp to a dry platform at the top of the pool. From here they can then walk down a non slip ramp into the water. This also provides a rest area for the dog. If the dog can’t walk up the ramp they will be lifted into the pool by hand as we have found through research that the stress of using a hoist can reduce the benefit of the overall treatment.

What is my dog doesn’t like it?

The first session is only $15. We are so confident in the effectiveness of the therapy we are happy to reduce the cost to allow for you to see how much your dog loves being in the pool and also covers the unlikely possibility that your dog gets in the water and after a few minutes appears not to be gaining any benefit. In the event your dog simply refuses to enter the water we don’t charge.

Do I need a vet referral?

If your dog is receiving treatment following an injury, surgery or vet treatment a referral form needs to be completed by your vet outlining any issues we need to be aware of. This is to protect your dog from doing anything that may cause discomfort or further injury.

Download a vet referral form by clicking here.

What should I expect during and after the first session?

Before your dog enters the pool we have a registration form to be completed. If you wish to print and complete the form before you come, download it by clicking here.

The first session will be taken slowly. Your dog will be fitted with a life jacket for security and to provide us with a quick recovery point should it be needed. The first session is quite short as this type of exercise is very draining on dogs. At the end of the session we will dry your dog off and give them a 100% natural treat as a rewarding end to the treatment. Please let us know if you prefer your dog not to receive the treat.

After the first session your dog is likely to be tired and even show signs of muscle stiffness. This is quite normal as the muscles are being worked in a completely different way to normal.

Can I bring more than 1 dog?

We can cater for 2 dogs in the pool at once with no problem. 2 dogs together costs $20 for the initial session then $30 per session.

What do I need to bring?

Your dog! Under control or on a lead please.

We provide everything else.

Where do I park?

Off street parking is provided. Please park where marked.

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