Swimming is a well known low impact therapy exercise. Swimming in the heated pool is easy on the joints, and the dogs love it! Our purpose built indoor pool allows rehabilitation in a fun environment

dog swimming

Some of the benefits of swimming in our heated pool are:

  • recovery from illness or surgery in a controlled environment
  • exercise with hip, leg and muscle problems
  • assists with trying to lose weight for dogs with joint problems
  • helps increase the strength of the tendons and ligaments e.g. arthritic dogs
  • aerobic conditioning – swimming is great cross training – improve fitness and stamina
  • gentle exercise for older dogs
  • warm and controlled environment to teach puppies to swim with confidence
  • great fun and relaxing too

Swim therapy is by appointment only. Please contact us to make a suitable time.

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If your dog is receiving treatment from your vet for the same condition swim therapy is being attended to treat, we require a vet referral form to be completed.

Why is the hydrotherapy different to a river or a lake? 
Hydrotherapy is not the same as swimming in a lake or a river, and here’s why – Hydrotherapy is controlled aquatic exercise, it allows for increases and improvement in functional movement. For therapy purposes it is crucial to swim in the correct temperature especially if a dog is suffering from arthritis or has any joint problems, swimming in cold water can actually be counter-productive as it reduces blood circulation and cold muscles are more likely to stiffen up and cramp and could do further damage. It is essential to monitor how much exercise your dog is doing and that they are doing the correct movement so as not to exasperate any existing problems. This is impossible to do without the correct training for observing the movement patterns.

It is also important to consider that in open water there is often an undercurrent which your dog could get into trouble with, especially if they are already tired. There is also a risk of pollution and water born disease that could put your dog in danger, in the hydro pool the water is tested regularly and kept warm to ensure that your dog is safe at all times.

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