Paw Fix

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It’s here finally!!!  Paw Fix is available after a long development and testing phase!!

Ideal for paw protection from the elements but also great at repairing damage and cracks to pads or dry pads. 

100% safe and All natural – we don’t allow any any harmful chemicals in our products. Oils are naturally infused over time the old fashioned way, you won’t find artificial or modern forced methods around here.

Use as damage prevention  by applying a small amount to pads before your dog walks or runs on potentially damaging surfaces such as ice or snow.

For areas already damages, powerful antifungal and anti bacterial properties can help prevent infection while the healing properties get to work helping fix damaged areas.

 Some of our testers also used it on kennel sores and other hardened skin areas.

Simply apply as required but keep Paw Protect away from cats as many essential oils are very dangerous to cats.


Walk on. Woof!


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