Flea Off



Rid your dog of fleas without chemicals.

A chemical free, 100% natural and safe alternative to an annoying common issue faced by many dogs. No longer do you need to rely on chemical based treatments.

Apply 2-4 drops to the neck, mid back and base of tail.
Please note, this does not kill fleas but repels them. We recommend applying every 10-14 days in warmer seasons and up to 30 days in winter. Do not apply indoors.

Ingredients: base oil, peppermint, clary sage, lemon, citronella



By utilizing the amazing power of nature in our blends, we can reduce and in many cases completely eliminate the need for traditional drug treatments. We believe this can be very beneficial for your dog as if/when traditional drug treatments are needed, the likelihood of any drug resistance is reduced and they become more effective. Aromatherapy works well alone or as a complimentary treatment with traditional veterinary treatments or other natural therapies.
We offer a number of complementary therapy options for many common illnesses and issues that dogs commonly suffer from. Dogs noses are 100,000 times more powerful than ours and as such they are many times more receptive to the powerful healing benefits of essential oils.

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