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A natural remedy for House Dust mite allgeries. H.D.M is a homeopathic and herbal blend designed specifically to support the normal immune response of an animal suffering from allergies to house dust and house dust mites.

More and more pets are become allergic to house dust or house dust mites, resutling in atopic dermatitis. They pick them up from the furniture and carpets. The animal will chew and scratch themselves until they break the skin, this can then lead on to secondary bacterial infections of the skin. The self mutilation from the irritation of the skin is what does the most damage. Most animals will end up on drugs that ease the itching but don’t deal with the underlying problem and these drugs have the side effect of lowering the immune system even more, the poor animal ends up on a slippery slope to long term chronic ill health.

Allergic reactions are very much tied in with the immune system, so this needs to be boosted through a good diet, along with immune and liver support.

H.D.M (House Dust Mite) comes in a liquid form, as we find this is the easiest way to administer.

It is preferred that it is put straight into the mouth of the animal making sure not to contaminate the dripper. This can be done by adding the drops to a teaspoon, lifting the lip and place in the mouth. But we do realise that this is not always an option, it can therefore be added to food and is just as affective.

Dosage: 4 drops per 10kgs, 3 times daily for upto 5 days.

How long will a bottle last: (based on 5 days as 1 course)

Cat : 12.5 courses per bottle
Dog upto 10kg : 6.3 courses per bottle
Dog upto 20kg : 3.1 courses per bottle
Dog upto 30kg+ : 2.1 courses per bottle

Homeopathic ingredients:
House Dust, House Dust Mite and Mezerium
Herbal ingredients:
Albizzia, Bascial skullcap and Rehmannia

All our remedies have been developed by a fully qualified Animal Homeopath and Herbalist.



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