Billy + Margot Ice Treats

The perfect Summer treat for your dog

Introducing the Billy + Margot Iced Treats for dogs. Packed full of natural ingredients for canine health and nutrition, these flavoured iced treats mean your dog can enjoy a delicious tub of dog friendly “ice cream” on a hot summer’s day.

Iced treats are a great way to help cool down your dog during summer whether it’s from a good run, a hot day or even a long car journey.

Billy + Margot Iced Treats are 100% vegetarian. Dogs are omnivores which mean that to be healthy they require a variety of foods in their diet. Certain fruits and vegetables will add vitamins, minerals and fibre to our furry friends diet.

Billy + Margot have made sure that only the fruits and vegetables which are good for dogs are included in the iced treats. They wanted dogs to have the option to indulge, without ingesting nasty chemicals! The iced treats are based on pure, authentic and honest ingredients with an emphasis on good health.

Which flavour will you choose?

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    Billy + Margot Iced Treats for dogs – Strawberry and Apple

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